Peter Wheeler TVR

Peter Wheeler TVR

Born on February 29th 1944 in Sheffield, Peter Wheeler, a successful chemical engineer purchased TVR in 1981 and turned round the fortunes of the company.

Introducing the 3.5 litre Rover V8 engine into the previously Ford powered Tasmin he soon made his mark. Developing and introducing road going models such as the S Series, Griffith, Chimaera, Cerbera, Tuscan and Sagaris and race cars including the Tuscan Challenge Car and the infamous Speed 12, Peter Wheeler put TVR firmly on the map as the sole, or should that be soul producer of true hand-built British muscle cars.

Peter’s hands-on approach saw him not only running the business, but developing the cars and also racing them as well. This gave him a great understanding of the market, his business, the enthusiasts and the cars. A deeply private man, Peter Wheeler built TVR into an internationally acclaimed world beater.

TVR Peter WheelerTVR was sold to Nikolia Smolenski in July 2004 since which time TVR has ceased production and the once famous Bristol Avenue factory has closed. The highly skilled Blackpool workforce is now scattered far and wide and the marque is now sadly a shadow of it's former self.

Peter Wheeler passed away on June 11th 2009 after a long illness and our thoughts go to his family. A true British entrepreneur and an inspiration for so many he is sadly missed, but his legacy, the legend and his Blackpool rockets live on.

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